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United Motors Corporation was founded by William C. Durant in 1916 as a company of automotive components and accessories celebration. While the Buick owner and founder of General Motors parts in 1908. After losing control of General Motors parts in 1910, founded later in 1911 Chevrolet with Louis Chevrolet and this advantage allowed him to take control of GM back in 1916 at the same time met United Motors ,

Foundation for United Motors has parallels in his previous experience in the transport of horses in Michigan. In the 19th century, he was co-owner of Durant-There Carriage Company, one of the largest automobile manufacturers in the country. Fearing that could not basic components and raw materials at affordable prices or in sufficient quantities, Durant created where one leaves vertical integration and their own body, wheels, axles, pads, pens, paints and operating whips. [1]

United Motors Company initially contain Hyatt roller bearings Alfred P. Sloan (anti-friction roller bearings), New Departure Manufacturing Company (ball bearings), Remy Electric Company (electric starting, lighting and ignition), Charles Kettering and Edward A. Deeds Dayton Engineering Laboratories Company (electrical appliances) and Perlman Rim Corporation.

As had been named Alfred P. Sloan, president of the Hyatt, president of United Motors. In the next two years, Sloan bought the radiator Corporation, Harrison (radiators), Lovell-McConnell Manufacturing Company (renamed Klaxon Klaxon horns do) in September 1916 [2] and organized United Service Motors sell and service all product line nationally.

GM Parts – United Motors Service

United Motors was the independent creation of General Motors parts, sales of all manufacturers until 1918, when the company was acquired by General Motors Parts $ 45 million (three bonds and the fourth quarter equity) [3] and in GM December 31, 1918 incorporated [3]

United Motors was United Motors Service and continued to perform substantially as he had done before. However, the entire production is now dedicated GM brands. Alfred P. Sloan continue as director of the department, which has a title of vice-president of GM and the position on the map of GM. In 1923 he became president of General Motors parts and was president when he in 1956 [4] Charles Kettering, founder of Delco, was head of research for General Motors Parts retirement for 27 years. Herbert C. Harrison was President Harrison Radiator until his death in 1927. [5] William C. Durant lost control of GM for the last time in the 1920s.

United Motors Service became a fully integrated division of General Motors Parts 1944

United Delco

Around 1960 the name of the Division was changed to United Delco. The name Delco increasingly known among consumers, the “Delco” in all areas of the business units (Delco Remy Delco Harrison, Delco Packard (Packard Electric), Delco Moraine) has been incorporated.

In 1974, in an effort to optimize their operations and marketing, General Motors AC Delco parts melted candle States, which for years sold to the same customers, to create the new AC-Delco. in military clothing manufacturer Cockpit USA (then known as AVIREX.) Produced by AC-Delco Limited “The Right Stuff” edition 1982 A-2 jacket Chuck Yeager and the Bell X-1 flight dedicated to the sound barrier at 14 October. 1947 broke.

AC Delco

In the mid-1990s there were more changes in the division. In 1994, Delco Remy, part of the Division since 1916, was removed to private investors, and is now known as Remy International, Inc. created in 1994 GM Automotive Components Group Delco run. ACG was renamed and GM spin-off Delphi 1999. 1995 saw a name change AC-Delco. The script was abandoned and AC-Delco received a new logo and marketing initiative.