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Buick is a division of the American automobile manufacturer General Motors. The company actually predates GM, which was created as a holding company for Buick along with the now defunct McLaughlin Car Company. As such, it is currently the oldest North American automobile brand. For most of its existence, Buick has been a dedicated premium brand, offering entry-level luxury vehicles.

The company has been at the forefront of many automotive advances. It was one of the first car makers to offer a closed-body car, over-head valve engines and automatic spark advance. It was the very first company to include turn signals on their automobiles. In recent years, Buick has become one of the fastest growing car brands worldwide.

Buick has and continues to produce some of the industry’s most revolutionary and popular automobiles. The beefy Roadmaster is often the car that comes to mind when the name ‘Buick’ is mentioned, becoming wildly popular after the introduction of the boldly designed 1950 model. The early 60’s Riviera, meanwhile, is considered one of the most beautiful cars America every produced – though the Skylark of the early 50 isn’t far behind. And though Buick is rightfully known for its luxury cars, it managed to produce two muscle cars – the ’70 GSX and 80’s Regal Grand National/GNX – that were powerhouses of their time and are now sought after classics. Today, SUVs and crossovers such as the Enclave and Encore as well as sedans like the Lacrosse and present-day Regal are wildly popular.

GM and Buick design, manufacture, market and distribute all Buick vehicles as well as vehicle parts. As one of the original car companies, it truly has among the greatest levels of experience of any vehicle and vehicle part manufacturer. Existing since its inception as a premium brand, Buick is based on creating high quality products to exacting standards.

Using genuine manufacturer Buick parts as replacements on your vehicle is always suggested. These are engineered in-house using not just the same specifications but also the same machinery and quality control as the originals. However, when considering Buick vehicles, using genuine replacement Buick parts is amust. With the experience and resources available,having the same manufacturing process as the originals mean these GM parts will be among the best made in the world. Once installed by a dealership, a number of GM parts are backed by a limited lifetime warranty. A 12 month/unlimited miles warranty is applicable to other parts and accessories, and further, certain parts receive additional limited warranties. With a luxury car maker such as Buick, part quality and service are always top-notch.