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Cadillac is a division of the American automobile manufacturer General Motors. It has the distinction of being the second oldest existing American automobile brand, preceded only by GM stable mate Buick.While distributed in 34 other markets around the world, it is widely recognized and beloved as an American luxury icon. It’s branding attests to this fact – it’s named after Detroit, Michigan’s founder and its logo is based on his ancestral coat of arms. Cadillac produces GM’s top level luxury vehicles.

The company was the originator of one of the most important advances in automobile production– interchangeability of precision parts. This is the basis of mass production, which of course revolutionized the manufacturing side of the industry. Further, it was the first company to produce a fully enclosed car in large volumes, offer full electrical systems and would set the standard for engines in the industry with its V8. Always ensuring that it was at the forefront of assembly-line technology, Cadillac was often able to produce record numbers of automobiles.

The master of American automotive luxury, Cadillac has produced a dizzying number of beloved cars. While pinning down the very best is always a hot debate, the Eldorado line must be in the forefront. Glamorous, powerful and often sporting astounding new technical advances, decades of Eldorados were the dream cars of millions of car buyers. Even at its most over-the-top, as with the 1959

land-yacht of a vehicle, it retained desirability to many. For those requiring the luxury in a more understated package, the late 70’s Seville was an exceedingly handsome and well appointed car. Today’s Cadillac is seen as one of GM’s great success stories. The smaller ATS, mid-size CTS and full size XTS showcase the company’s “art and science” design philosophy – the sharper more angular design is a nod to the advanced technology therein, while maintaining signature Cadillac beauty and luxury. With an emphasis on weight reduction, they are drivers’ cars - the ‘V’ performance models rivaling the best German sport sedans. The SRX crossover has proved very popular while the Escalade remains the benchmark of luxury SUVs.

Cadillac designs, manufactures, markets and distributes all its vehicles as well as vehicle parts. One would be hard pressed to find a vehicle and vehicle part manufacturer with more experience in creating the highest quality and most luxurious automotive products. It’s existed as such since its inception.

parts as replacements on your vehicle is always suggested. These are engineered in-house using not only the same specifications, but also the same machinery and quality control as the originals.It’s unlikely, though, that any dedicated Cadillac owner would even consider using anything other than genuine Cadillac parts. Attempting to find third party parts that came close to the genuine article in build quality and reliability would be an exercise in futility. Once installed by a dealership, many GM parts are backed by a limited lifetime warranty. A 12 month/unlimited miles warranty is applicable to other parts and accessories, and further, some GM parts receive additional limited warranties. Boasting the same quality as the vehicles themselves, Cadillac replacement parts are a sound investment.