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Chevrolet is a division and the lead brand of the American automobile manufacturer General Motors - GM parts. Started separately by General Motors founder William C. Durant in 1911, it became a division of the larger company when Durant returned in 1915. Chosen by GM CEO Alfred Sloan to be the volume leader of the corporation, the brand quickly became a best-seller, eventually achieving the seemingly impossible task of outselling Ford. Today, Chevrolet is one of the most widely recognized automotive brands, sold in most automotive markets worldwide. In fact, with operations in over 140 countries, the company has been able to post record-setting sales numbers.

The variety of vehicles that Chevrolet produces is rivaled by very few automakers, ranging from subcompacts to commercial vehicles. In each case, the company manages to offer a class-leading vehicle. Its influence is such that often, the name Chevrolet (or ‘Chevy’) is used interchangeably with GM products – both colloquially and by the parent company. An example of this is the re-branding of GM Performance Parts to Chevrolet Performance.

Some of history’s most iconic models have been created by Chevy. The first to be mentioned has to be the Chevrolet Corvette. Introduced in 1953, the fiberglass two-seater sports car started a revolution in American automaking. The legendary Chevrolet small-block engine was developed for the Corvette and Bel Air in 1955 and until 2003, it and its direct descendants were GM’s V8 standard. Today, the Corvette is a bonafide supercar. In the muscle car category, the Camaro is a legend in its own right. The classic Impala continues as a full-size flagship model today, as does the mid-size Malibu. The durability of Chevy trucks is an inarguable fact – the Silverado is a continuation of the storied C/K line referred to most simply as ‘Chevy Trucks’. The Suburban SUV/Crossover, meanwhile, possesses the longest-lived automobile nameplate still in production.

design, manufacture, market and distribute all Chevrolet vehicles as well as vehicle parts. Chevrolet truly has among the greatest levels of experience of any vehicle and vehicle part manufacturer. It’s incredibly varied line shows the company’s ability to produce quality vehicles in the ‘budget’ realm as well as highly advanced sport and utility vehicles.

Using GM manufactured Chevrolet parts and accessories as replacements on your vehicle is always recommended. These are engineered in-house using not only the same specifications but also the same machinery and quality control as the originals. However, when considering Chevrolet vehicles, it becomes an even clearer-cut case. With the experience and resources available, having the same manufacturing process as the originals mean these Chevrolet parts will be among the best made in the world. Once installed by a dealership, a number of GM parts are backed by a limited lifetime warranty. A 12 month/unlimited miles warranty is applicable to other parts and accessories, and further, certain GM parts receive additional limited warranties.