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GMC is a division of the American automobile manufacturer General Motors. GMC’s predecessor, the Rapid Motor Vehicle Company, was established in 1901 and produced some of the world’s first commercial trucks. First referred to as ‘GMC Trucks’ due to them being made by the General Motors Company, the marque became so established and intrinsically related to commercial vehicle expertise that GMC became a separate brand, specializing in trucks and other utility vehicles.

to find an automaker more versed in producing commercial vehicles than GMC. During its existence, the company has sold everything from pickups and light duty trucks to buses, heavy duty trucks, motorhomes and even military vehicles. As one of the continent’s most  trusted truck brands, GMC vehicles are used extensively both by private purchasers and in the commercial sector to the extent of at times outselling all other GM divisions with the exception of Chevrolet.

After 1920, many GMC models shared much of their architecture with Chevrolet trucks. Continuously at the forefront of commercial vehicle production, common platforms created a focus whereby GM was able to offer the best of each class with the GMC vehicles receiving trims, options and pricing that made them perfect for heavy commercial use. For much of the 20th century, GMC was nearly synonymous with ‘truck’ in North America – often eschewing model names beyond number codes as customers would simply come in and choose the GMC truck that fit their need. Currently, the compact Canyon and highly customizable Sierra light duty truck/full size pickup round out the GMC truck line.

The Savana (mechanically identical to the Chevrolet Express) is a widely used full-size van while the Yukon, Acadia and Terrain are popular SUV/crossover models

GMC designs, manufactures, markets and distributes all of their vehicles and parts. Though the company has moved away from producing heavier commercial vehicles, close to a century of doing so has resulted in their current vehicles being some of the hardiest available.