How to make saturn sky redline faster/ecm question ?

So im picking my 2007 sky redline up later this week and have been searching for simple performance parts like turbo upgrade ecu chips/remaping exhaust ect. But from all the forms what i understand is that you can put all the performance parts you want on but if you dont remap the ecm none of it will do anything like if i put a boost controller in and cranked it up. Aso i know gm has a tune lit out and i know its quet pricy and i dont lnow the exact price but i do know it raises the rpm to 6500 or so and it has a no lift shift at high rpms What is the better choice gm or a aftermarket brand and if so weres a good place to buy it And alot of people do a cat back eiler? And with that do you cut out the cat too and do you put new muffler and any other performance parts or brands you recomend would be greatly appriciated oh almost forgot I heard that the performance chips you see online that you pluge in on your intake just bypasses the sensor so you engine puts more feul to the engine and you can just got to radio shack and buy something for 10$ that does the same and info would be helpful on that too. thanks in advanced and sorry about the super long questions john.