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Oldsmobile was a division of the American automobile manufacturer General Motors. North America's very first automotive brand, it produced cars for 107 years until being phased out in 2004. Originally known as 'Olds automobiles' after company founder Ransom E. Olds, the colloquial name 'Oldsmobile' soon replaced the Olds Motor Works name. General Motors purchased the company in 1908 and it soon became one of the corporation's most well known brands.

Oldsmobile is one of the most influential car companies to ever exist. Their Curved Dash model was the first mass-produced car, and was produced on the first automotive assembly line. After being at the cutting edge of transmission technology for a number of years, the company debuted the first automatic transmission in 1940. Also an engine pioneer along with Chevrolet and Cadillac, it's 1949 overhead-valve Rocket V8 engine supplanted the flathead straight-8s of the day. Other advancements helped Oldsmobile stay towards the forefront of the industry.

As early as 1910, Oldsmobile pushed the envelope with the Limited Touring. The ultimate in both luxury and power, it famously beat what was considered at the time 'the ultimate passenger train'. Many popular models followed in the decades to come, notably the 'Rocket 88'. Considered by many to be the first muscle car, it was so inspirational the world's first rock n' roll song dedicated to it! It was the 60s, 70s and 80s, however, that saw Oldsmobile become one of the most popular brands in the country. Models such as the 442 muscle car, Cutlass Supreme and Vista Cruiser cemented the automaker's legend. In the late 70s, the Cutlass line as a whole became America's best selling car.

GM and Oldsmobile designed, manufactured, marketed and distributed all Oldsmobile vehicles and parts. As one of the world's first car companies and the originator of many features we take for granted today, its experience in the field in unparalleled.

Replacing parts with genuine manufactured Oldsmobile parts is always recommended. These are engineered in-house using the same specifications, the same machinery and quality control as the originally manufactured parts. Oldsmobile parts share the same quality and reliability as other GM division offerings. As the brand is now defunct, it is only the original manufacture and its dealers that can be relied on to keep releasing quality GM parts. Though the warranties of most Oldsmobiles have expired, GM has ensured that owners of later Oldsmobile models can still locate parts through select dealers.