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Pontiac was a division of the American automobile manufacturer General Motors. A later addition to the corporation originally planned as a companion marque to the Oakland Motor Car Company, it quickly became a core brand, gaining popularity in its North and Central American markets of the US,

Canada and Mexico. Pontiac gained recognition both as the maker of performance vehicles and low-priced automobiles.

While GM presented the Pontiac brand in 1926, its origins lay in companies established at the beginning of the century. To the surprise of everyone, not least GM, Pontiac almost immediately outsold Oakland, eventually taking its place in the GM lineup. The brand soon showed its first sign as a leader in making inexpensive cars that remained high in quality with its exceedingly popular straight 6 and straight 8 models of the 20s and 30s. Afterward, as with all North American automakers, Pontiac temporarily ceased production during World War II, and Oldsmobile would be a regular trendsetter in American car design. Always one to surprise observers, in the late 60s Pontiac became a frontrunner in performance vehicles. Later, it would sit as one of the continent’s most popular makers of affordable vehicles.

The Bonneville could be considered the model that Pontiac used to boldly remind the public that it was the maker of some of the country’s finest vehicles. The GTO, arguable Pontiac’s most famous offering, is considered by many to be the ultimate muscle car and is now a highly sought-after collectable today. The Fiero, Firebird and Firebird TransAm, meanwhile, further established Pontiac as a producer of varied yet top-notch performance vehicles. The brand’s move to producing more affordable vehicles saw great success. The innovative Trans Sport and Montana minivans  revolutionized the minivan segment and were GM’s most popular offerings therein. However, these were eclipsed by the mid-size GrandAm which, after its reintroduction in 1985 became Pontiac’s overall best seller.

GM and Pontiac designed, manufactured, marketed and distributed all Pontiac vehicles and parts. Always the innovator, the brand was known for often producing vehicles markedly different than those currently on the market.

Using genuine manufactured Pontiac parts as replacements on your vehicle is always suggested. These are engineered in-house using not just the same specifications but also the same machinery and quality control as the original parts. Pontiac parts share the same quality and reliability as other GM division offerings. With genuine Pontiac parts, you can be sure that these often very unique components will fit and operate perfectly with your car. As the brand is now defunct, it is only the original manufacturer and its dealers that can be relied on to keep releasing quality Pontiac parts.