Ridiculous Reviews GM Parts Direct

Here are some of our Google reviews that we cannot respond to. So we are taking this opportunity to reply to some of the ridiculous reviews.

If you are going to write a review include your order number in the review.

Everyone is a tough guy behind email and anonymous reviews

Look for emails from GMPartsDirect.CO

"This is exactly what we do ..arbitrarily cancel orders." READ YOUR EMAILS - We review this customer at  

Include a VIN and we can verify you are ordering the wrong parts.

We can't operate under the "Send me what I need not what I'm asking for principal" 

We ask for a VIN number so that we can verify the parts fitment. If you do not include a VIN there are fees if "YOU ORDER THE WRONG PART" Take some responsibility.

A VIN number would resolve many of these order issues. We do not ship wrong parts we ship what you are asking for 

Again, "Send Me What I NEED NOT WHAT I'M Asking for"

email works much better parts@gmpartsdirect.co or here is another great idea reply to the many email order confirmations that are sent out

If you are not sure of what you are ordering email us at parts@gmpartsdirect.co. We have a working number (505) 348-1143