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Saturn was a subsidiary of the American automobile manufacturer General Motors. Initially planned as a single model to badged under one of GM’s brands, the project eventually grew into Saturn Corporation being established in 1985. Vehicles began rolling off the lines in late 1990.

From the offset, Saturn was envisioned (and marketed) as “a different kind of car company”. More than just lip-service, this motto was instituted in all areas of Saturn’s operations. Operating independently of GM, the company was able to apply many practices that improved all aspects of the business and have influenced the policies of other car companies today. Their famous ‘no haggle’ policy created a low-pressure sales environment - and of course necessitated great prices to begin with. Their new supply chain strategy ensured that parts were always readily available. At the time, customer satisfaction in after-sales service was ranked at the same levels of luxury brands such as Cadillac and Lexus.

Saturn’s initial offering, the S-series, proved to be a popular one. Sporting a spaceframe design, the cars were able to use polymer panels as opposed to metal ones, resulting in impact and rust-resistant, as well as recyclable body panels. Coupe, Sedan and Station Wagon styles were all available. Later on, the Vue compact crossover SUV proved extremely popular and the Aura sedan was a well-received addition as well. Saturn was praised for introducing ‘Red Line’ and ‘Green Line’ models: ‘Red Line” models (the star of which was the Sky Roadster Red Line) focused on performance while ‘Green Line’ vehicles, generally hybrids, boasted low emissions and excellent fuel economy.

For most of the company’s life, Saturn designed, manufactured, marketed and distributed all of its vehicles and parts. In later years, GM’s experience was added to Saturn’s innovation. Its Spring Hill, Tennessee assembly plant (which customers were routinely invited to visit and inspect) was not just a great place to work, but also a place where great pride was taken in this work.

Using genuine manufactured Saturn parts as replacements on your vehicle is always recommended. These are engineered in-house using not just the same specifications but also the same machinery and quality control as the originals. Saturn parts have been crafted with an unparalleled focus on market needs and customer satisfaction. Thanks to practices instituted at Saturn, your select GM dealers are able to quickly and efficiently provide you with replacements. As the brand is now defunct, it is only the original manufacturer and selected dealers that can be relied on to keep releasing quality Saturn parts.